Ozma + Bullhead



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Two-in-one reissue of [r=1777296] and [r=1245491].

Packaged in gatefold jacket with transparent plastic inner sleeves. Issued with an Ozma lyrics sheet and a free digital download (which includes a bonus track, a cover of The Cars’ “Candy-O,” which was on the original CD version of Ozma).
Stickered on shrink-wrap: “Melvins Ozma + Bullhead / Two slow-motion symphonies of thud-tastic sonic surrender, remastered and back in print on vinyl for the first time in 15 years. Free download includes one bonus track”

“Love Thing” is an uncredited cover of “Love Theme From Kiss” by [a153073].

Disc One recorded in May 1989.
Disc Two recorded in 1990.

℗ 2014 Boner Records
A1 Vile
A2 Oven
A3 At A Crawl
A4 Let God Be Your Gardener
A5 Creepy Smell
A6 Kool Legged
A7 Green Honey
A8 Agonizer
B1 Raise A Paw
B2 Love Thing
B3 Ever Since My Accident
B4 Revulsion / We Reach
B5 Dead Dressed
B6 Cranky Messiah
B7 Claude
B8 My Small Percent Shows Most
C1 Boris
C2 Anaconda
C3 Ligature
C4 It’s Shoved
D1 Zodiac
D2 If I Had An Exorcism
D3 Your Blessened
D4 Cow

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