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Packaged in a 12.5″ x 12.5″ hardcover book and includes a 16-page booklet with photos, lyrics, new liner notes written by music journalist David Fricke, and essays from archivist Don Fleming.

Hype sticker with both catalog numbers affixed to shrink:
Limited Deluxe Edition
Featuring original album newly remastered for the first time on CD and double 180-gram LP
Previously unreleased demos, early versions, a full live show from the original tour and extensive interviews & liner notes

This Reissue: ℗ & © 2020, 1989, 1988 Sire Records Company, a Warner Music Group Company. Manufactured for & Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. Made in the EU.

Logos on book back:
Sire, Rhino, DVD Video, Linear PCM, NTSC, Region 0.

Original album recorded and mixed at Mediasound, Studio B, N.Y.C.

From original album notes in booklet:
I’m on the left & the other guitarist, Mike Rathke is on the right. I did all the solos except for the two clean ones on “Endless Cycle” & “Sick of You.” Rob Wasserman played the Clevinger Electric upright six-string bass on everything but “Romeo Had Juliette” and “Busload of Faith” where my co-producer Fred Maher played a Fender. Fred did all the drums with the exception of “Last Great American Whale” & “Dime Store Mystery” where the percussionist was Maureen “Moe” Tucker. The Record and Mixdown Engineer was Jeffrey Lesser except on “Romeo Had Juliette” where Fred manned the boards. The album was mixed by Fred, Mike, Jeffrey & myself. The Assistant Engineer was Victor Deyglio. Bob Ludwig of Master Disk, NYC did the mastering. Equipment was handled by Frank Newberry while the production was coordinated by Shirley Divers and Jennifer Gross. Oh, the background vocals are by me & Jeffrey and on “Dirty Blvd.,” Dion DiMucci.

Copyright © 1989 EMI Music Publishing Ltd., Metal Machine Music Inc. (BMI). All rights for metal machine Music, Inc. administered by EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

Lou Reed Archive Recordings: CD2 tracks 1-14 and CD3 tracks 2-6, 8-11, 13, 14. Lou Reed Archive, Music Division, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Under license from Sister Ray Enterprises/Canal Street Communications, Inc.

Lou Reed Archive Analog Tape Transfer: MARS, Brooklyn, NY.
Remastering at d2 Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

All Photos: © Waring Abbott except Book pp. 12-15: Lou Reed Archive, Music Division, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. © 2020 Sister Ray Enterprises, under license from Sister Ray Enterprises/Canal Street Communications, Inc.; Hal Willner photo by Lou Reed, courtesy Canal Street Communications, Inc.

“Dirty Blvd.” manuscript courtesy of the Sylvia Reed Collection.

Special Thanks: Carrie Welsh, Jonathan Hiam, Jim Cass, Shaun MacDonald, Betty Lees, Merrill Weiner & Family, Rosemary Carroll, David Garcia.

Track recording details:
CD2-1, CD2-4: March 14, 1989, Washington, DC
CD2-2, CD2-11, CD2-12: March 16, 1989, Baltimore, MD
CD2-3, CD2-7, CD2-13: July 4, 1989, London, UK
CD2-5, CD2-6, CD2-10, CD2-14, CD3-13, CD3-14: August 8, 1989, Richmond, VA
CD2-8: June 9, 1989, Copenhagen, DK
CD2-9: March 17, 1989, Upper Darby, PA
CD3-12: Non-LP Track

CD3-1, CD3-7 (SIRE Single 22875-7)
CD3-12 (Sire 12″ Single 921237 – Germany)
CD2-1 to CD-14, CD3-2 to CD3-6, CD3-8 to CD3-11, CD3-13, CD3-14 previously unissued.
DVD-1 to DVD-14 originally issued on VHS and Laserdisc in 1990. © 1990 Sire Records Company
DVD-15 (Sire Promo CD PRO-3558)

DVD-0 is an introduction chapter only and not listed on the packaging. Track DVD-15 is A Conversation With Lou Reed (audio-only),
Tracks DVD-16 to DVD-29 are a high-resolution (24 Bit / 96 kHz) audio-only stereo version of the album; the tracklist is not listed on the packaging.

Vinyl media runouts are etched, plating symbols mirrored.
LPs 1&2 / CD1 – Original Album Remastered
A1 Romeo Had Juliette 3:10
A2 Halloween Parade 3:33
A3 Dirty Blvd. 3:29
A4 Endless Cycle 4:03
B1 There Is No Time 3:46
B2 Last Great American Whale 3:42
B3 Beginning Of A Great Adventure 4:57
C1 Busload Of Faith 4:50
C2 Sick Of You 3:26
C3 Hold On 3:25
C4 Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 4:37
D1 Xmas In February 2:55
D2 Strawman 5:54
D3 Dime Store Mystery 5:01
CD1-1 Romeo Had Juliette 3:09
CD1-2 Halloween Parade 3:33
CD1-3 Dirty Blvd. 3:29
CD1-4 Endless Cycle 4:02
CD1-5 There Is No Time 3:46
CD1-6 Last Great American Whale 3:42
CD1-7 Beginning Of A Great Adventure 5:00
CD1-8 Busload Of Faith 4:49
CD1-9 Sick Of You 3:25
CD1-10 Hold On 3:24
CD1-11 Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 4:36
CD1-12 Xmas In February 2:57
CD1-13 Strawman 5:53
CD1-14 Dime Store Mystery 5:03
CD2 – Live From The Lou Reed Archive
CD2-1 Romeo Had Juliette 4:43
CD2-2 Halloween Parade 4:51
CD2-3 Dirty Blvd. 4:18
CD2-4 Endless Cycle 4:38
CD2-5 There Is No Time 5:34
CD2-6 Last Great American Whale 6:04
CD2-7 Beginning Of A Great Adventure 7:23
CD2-8 Busload Of Faith 5:05
CD2-9 Sick Of You 5:21
CD2-10 Hold On 3:34
CD2-11 Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 4:01
CD2-12 Xmas In February 3:42
CD2-13 Strawman 5:21
CD2-14 Dime Store Mystery 6:21
CD3 – Works In Progress / Singles / Encore
CD3-1 Romeo Had Juliette (7″ Version) 3:07
CD3-2 Dirty Blvd. (Work Tape) 1:53
CD3-3 Dirty Blvd. (Rough Mix) 3:34
CD3-4 Endless Cycle (Work Tape) 1:06
CD3-5 Last Great American Whale (Work Tape) 2:09
CD3-6 Beginning Of A Great Adventure (Rough Mix) 5:01
CD3-7 Busload Of Faith (Acoustic Version) 2:39
CD3-8 Sick Of You (Work Tape) 1:26
CD3-9 Sick Of You (Rough Mix) 3:40
CD3-10 Hold On (Rough Mix) 2:43
CD3-11 Strawman (Rough Mix) 5:59
CD3-12 The Room (Non-LP Track) 3:37
CD3-13 Sweet Jane (Live Encore) 5:50
CD3-14 Walk On The Wild Side (Live Encore) 3:57
DVD – The New York Album – Live At Théâtre St-Denis, Montreal, Canada, August 13, 1989 / Audio-only Bonuses
DVD-0 Introduction 0:43
DVD-1 Romeo Had Juliette 3:56
DVD-2 Halloween Parade 4:34
DVD-3 Dirty Blvd. 4:20
DVD-4 Endless Cycle 5:17
DVD-5 There Is No Time 6:51
DVD-6 Last Great American Whale 5:41
DVD-7 Beginning Of A Great Adventure 8:21
DVD-8 Busload Of Faith 6:01
DVD-9 Sick Of You 4:46
DVD-10 Hold On 4:15
DVD-11 Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 4:14
DVD-12 Xmas In February 3:41
DVD-13 Strawman 5:51
DVD-14 Dime Store Mystery 8:09
DVD-15 A Conversation With Lou Reed 25:57
DVD-16 Romeo Had Juliette 3:10
DVD-17 Halloween Parade 3:33
DVD-18 Dirty Blvd. 3:29
DVD-19 Endless Cycle 4:03
DVD-20 There Is No Time 3:46
DVD-21 Last Great American Whale 3:42
DVD-22 Beginning Of A Great Adventure 5:01
DVD-23 Busload Of Faith 4:50
DVD-24 Sick Of You 3:26
DVD-25 Hold On 3:25
DVD-26 Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 4:36
DVD-27 Xmas In February 2:57
DVD-28 Strawman 5:54
DVD-29 Dime Store Mystery 5:04

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