Tarzan On The Radio


Jim Pierce and Joan Burroughs

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Thanks and a tip of the Rophone Windscreen to Jim Pierce, Michael Pierce, Barbara Zimmerman and Gabe Essoe for their help preparing this album.
Important note to collectors: Originally a 39 episode adventure, “Tarzan and the Diamond of Ashair” ran 15 minutes per episode with the Signal Oil commercials. The commercials were not recorded on disc, but sent as live copy to be read at the beginning and end of each program by the local announcer. The Tarzan theme music was sent to stations on a separate disc, to be used when and where desired. In its entirety, the story would therefore run 9 3/4 hours. Included in this program were repetitious themes and plot recapitulations that we have carefully edited out with no loss of continuity. You’ll hear no gaps in the story or miss those parts that have been deleted. The Radiola Company feels that this abridgement, instead of our usual “no editing” policy, not only eliminates the need for eight more records (and the resulting large increase in costs), but presents a much more listenable and representative picture of this classic radio series. I hope you’ll agree. Michael Rophone
A Tarzan And The Diamond Of Ashair
B Tarzan And The Diamond Of Ashair
C Tarzan And The Diamond Of Ashair
D Tarzan And The Diamond Of Ashair

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