Quiet Nights


Miles Davis

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Pressed on coveted Columbia 2-eye label and “NONBREAKABLE” beneath the cat#. “360 SOUND STEREO …” at the bottom in black letters (on the 2nd pressing these letters are white).
(R) Columbia [logo] Marcas Reg.
Printed in U.S.A.

No “T” stamp in runouts, so differs from [r11699502]. Also has a “9” in lower right corner of rear jacket, instead of Terra Haute’s “A” designation.

This is either Pitman or Santa Maria plant, but the “P” I note in the side A matrix is angled and may actually be a strange shaped “S”. Side B shows a faint “P” stamp more clearly, so I’m going with Pitman.

Recorded at: CBS 30th Street Studio, New York City
July 27, 1962 (A3, B2)
August 13, 1962 (A4,B1)
November 6, 1962 (A1, A2)
April 17, 1963 (B3)

A1 Song #2 1:35
A2 Once Upon A Summertime 3:25
A3 Aos Pes Da Cruz 4:14
A4 Song #1 4:32
B1 Wait Till You See Her 4:02
B2 Corcovado 2:41
B3 Summer Night 6:03

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