The Hobbit (The Complete Original Soundtrack)


Rankin / Bass

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Box set with booklet, iron-on shirt transfers, and poster.

Record 1 is sides A & D
Record 2 is sides B & C

Each track segues into the next with no clear breaks. Side Times are:
Side A: 19:37
Side B: 20:27
Side C: 18:23
Side D: 18:23
A1 Bilbo Baggins Meets Gandalf
A2 Thorin And Company
A3 The Journey Begins
A4 The Trolls
A5 Rivendell, Where Elrond Dwells
B1 Into The Misty Mountains
B2 The Goblins
B3 Riddles With Gollum
B4 Trapped In The Trees
B5 The Eagles’ Rescue
C1 Mirkwood Forest
C2 The Spiders Versus “Sting”
C3 The Woodelves’ Prison
C4 Laketown And The Lonely Mountain
C5 The Dragon Smaug
D1 Bard Saves Laketown
D2 The Battle Of Five Armies
D3 The Journey Ends

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