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James Gang

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© MCMLXIX ABC Records, Inc.

First release gatefold variation with Bluesway logo on front cover

Engineering – The Hit Factory, Cleveland Recording, Regent Sound

[url=]Longwear Plating (LW)[/url] responsible for the metalwork during the vinyl mastering process.

A1 – Stone Rap Music/Pamco Music
A4 – Cotillion Music Inc./Ten East Music/Springalo Toones
A5 – Yardbird Music Inc.
B1 – Stone Rap Music Co./Pamco Music
B5 – Rumbalero Music Inc./Ragmar Music Corp.
All other selections – Stone Rap Music Co.

1st catalog #: rear cover/liner; 2nd: front cover

Producers note, inner cover: “…Those of you with manual turntables, don’t tell your friends about the last grooves as they will break their automatic turntables trying to listen to them.” At the end of Side 1, you hear “Turn me over.” At the end of Side 2, you hear “Play me again.”
A1 Tuning Part One (Introduction) 0:39
A2 Take A Look Around 6:20
A3 Funk #48 2:47
A4 Bluebird 6:01
A5 Lost Woman 9:06
B1 Stone Rap 0:59
B2 Collage 4:03
B3 I Don’t Have The Time 2:50
B4a Wrapcity In English 0:57
B4b Fred 4:11
B5 Stop 12:00

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