We’re Only In It For The Money


The Mothers

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Early stereo pressing variant. First version, containing several edited bits, not heard on later versions (see Master Release).

Navy blue labels with silver print and 1.5″ diameter press ring.

The typesetting layout used on the labels is slightly different from the other similar versions: “The Mothers Of Invention” appears on one line. Track numbering for B8 is a bit to the left of numbers B1 through B7 which are all in a straight vertical line.

There are no separation bands in between tracks, so both sides look like they only have one very long track.

Initially came with an ”only money cut-outs” insert. Some copies have a “Mothers” yellow sticker on top front middle of cover.
Track B1, Nasal Retentive Caliope Music, is mis-spelled on label, but spelled correctly as ‘Calliope’ on cover.
Track B4 is listed as “Lonely Little Girl” on the label and as “It’s His Voice on the Radio” on the inner gatefold.

Catalog no. V6 5045X on rear cover and spine; catalog no. V6 5045 on labels.

In the text balloon on the cover Frank Zappa Says “Is This Phase One Of Lumpy Gravy?”, making a reference to the album [url=http://www.discogs.com/Frank-Zappa-Lumpy-Gravy/release/1360805]Lumpy Gravy[/url].

The gatefold sleeve design is a blatant parody of the album [m23934], except that the collage that usually appears on the front cover, appears in the center of the gatefold instead, and vice versa.

BAOI note: The sideways stamped block shaped “S” in the 8 o’clock position of the runouts denotes a pressing by MGM Record Manufacturing Division.
A1 Are You Hung Up 1:23
A2 Who Needs The Peace Corps 2:34
A3 Concentration Moon 2:32
A4 Mom & Dad 2:16
A5 Bow Tie Daddy 1:22
A6 Harry, You’re A Beast 1:22
A7 What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? 1:03
A8 Absolutely Free 3:26
A9 Flower Punk 3:57
A10 Hot Poop 0:16
B1 Nasal Retentive Caliope Music 2:00
B2 Let’s Make The Water Turn Black 1:54
B3 The Idiot Bastard Son 3:27
B4 Lonely Little Girl 1:10
B5 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance 1:33
B6 What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (Reprise) 1:03
B7 Mother People 2:30
B8 The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny 6:30

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