The World Of Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton

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A1 Dumb Blonde
A2 Your Ole Handy Man
A3 I Don’t Want To Throw Rice
A4 Put It Off Until Tomorrow
A5 I Wasted My Tears
A6 Something Fishy
B1 Fuel To The Flame
B2 The Giving And The Taking
B3 I’m In No Condition
B4 The Company You Keep
B5 I’ve Lived My Life
B6 The Little Things
C1 Why, Why, Why
C2 I Wound Easy
C3 I Don’t Want You Around Me Anymore
C4 Hillbilly Willy
C5 This Boy Has Been Hurt
C6 Daddy Won’t Be Home Anymore
D1 As Long As I Love
D2 A Habit I Can’t Break
D3 I’m Not Worth The Tears
D4 I Don’t Trust Me Around You
D5 I Couldn’t Wait Forever
D6 Too Lonely Too Long

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