Slave To The Rhythm

Grace Jones

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Subtitled “A Biography”.

(The synclavier was used extensively during the compilation of this biography; acknowledgement to New England Digital)


“Interviews with the rhythm conducted seriously by Paul Morley and jovially by Paul Cooke (acknowledgement to Capitol Radio). The Strictly Unreasonable ZTTBBC were conducted and directed by Richard Niles.”

“An inevitable inspirational Island / Zang Tuum Tumb co-production recorded April-August 1985 (A.S. 16)

Jungle Fever by Jean-Paul Goude
Published by Xavier Moreau Inc.

William : Ju Ju : House, Reginald : Little Beats : Daughtry and Timothy : Shorty Tim : Glover appear courtesy of T.E.D.D. Records Inc.

Glenn Gregory appears courtesy of Arista Records Inc.”

Printed in U.S.A.

ST 53021 on jacket spine
ST-53021 on labels

Also available on cassette

‘STERLING 0’ stamped in runouts, the rest etched.
The Rhythm In 8 Bits
A1 Jones The Rhythm 6:17
A2 The Fashion Show 6:36
A3 The Frog And The Princess 7:04
A4 Operattack 2:45
B1 Slave To The Rhythm 6:36
B2 The Crossing (Ooh The Action…) 4:58
B3 Don’t Cry – It’s Only The Rhythm 2:54
B4 Ladies And Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones 5:54

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