Duran Duran

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3rd edition, [l2564] label, [l313656] pressing.
“Hungry Like The Wolf” is the “Night Version” mixed by Colin Thurston, all other tracks on Side A are the so-called “US Mixes” remixed by David Kershenbaum. Remix credits had been added to the inner sleeve, compared to 2nd edition.

[Note on the different US releases of ‘Rio’:]
All ‘Rio’ lacquers, cut in-contract by TML and Precision Mastering, show a “Z” in the runout matrix and had been consecutively numbered.
Except Z-1 and Z-4, the numbering system counts A- and B-side lacquers separately and was used for all three album variants.
By these Z-numbers, the pressing plant, the album variant and the side of the record can be identified:
[l313266]: Z4 (Var.1,A+B)
[l314605]: Z1 (Var.1, A+B) / Z8 (Var.2+3, B) / Z12 (Var.3, B) / Z13 (Var.2, A) / Z16 (Var.3, A) / Z17 (Var.3, A) / Z20 (Var.3, A)
[l313656]: Z2 (Var.1, B) / Z5 (Var.1, A) / Z6 (Var.1, B) / Z9 (Var.2, B) / Z10 (Var.3, B) / Z11 (Var.3, B) / Z15 (Var.2, A) / Z18 (Var.3, A) / Z19 (Var.3, A)
A1 Rio 5:28
A2 My Own Way 4:36
A3 Lonely In Your Nightmare 4:52
A4 Hungry Like The Wolf 5:14
A5 Hold Back The Rain 6:32
B1 New Religion 5:31
B2 Last Chance On The Stairway 4:18
B3 Save A Prayer 5:33
B4 The Chauffeur 5:12

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