Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac


Butthole Surfers

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This black vinyl pressing has 2 ring impressions on center label – large 3″ ring & smaller 1″ ring, which matches the ring impressions on clear vinyl issue. Dearborn address on back cover logo and labels. Touch and Go logos on both vinyl labels DO NOT have a “#5” on the bottom right under the address. Spine label on this copy reads from bottom to top, if looking at the letters right side up. A separate copy ([r=23447639]) has a spine reading from top to bottom, with similar runout/matrix etchings.

© 1984 Second Harvest Music. Jacket made in Canada. Label states “69 RPM”.
A1 Concubine
A2 Eye Of The Chicken
A3 Dum Dum
A4 Woly Boly
A5 Negro Observer
A6 Butthole Surfer
B1 Lady Sniff
B2 Cherub
B3 Mexican Caravan
B4 Cowboy Bob
B5 Gary Floyd

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