Kill City


Iggy Pop

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• The Goldisc K-9347/8 and K-9554/5 master pairs are different versions and belong to different subs.
• The lower numbers, with K-9347/8 etched in the runouts, are from the original West-Coast Kendun lacquers and belong to the original pressing, r22700888, with “IMP 1018” on the labels: [r=22700888].
• The higher numbered pair, with K-9554/5 runouts, has lacquers cut at Sterling and belong to the first re-pressing, r11880203, with “IMR 1018” on the labels: [r=11880203]. (The Sterling masters were used for other later Bomp/Import/Jem/Visa pressings as well.)
• The “lacquer” from Kendun with “mastering” from Sterling, shown here in credits and as Variant 1, is the accidental result of the use of an A-side plate with the earlier Kendun mastering and a later Sterling-mastered B-side plate, (with the original IMP 1018 labels). This “hybrid” has a separate sub at [r=22721240].
• Some copies of the Sterling+K-9554/5 repressing also exist with the original “IMP 1018” labels.

BLP 4001 orig Bomp cat#
IMR 1018 – spine & back cover
IMP 1018 – label

B4 originally tracked at Maconnel Studios, West LA, remixed at Paramount Studios & John Thomas Studios

Sticker on cover “Special limited edition on green vinyl!”
A1 Kill City 2:20
A2 Sell Your Love 3:37
A3 Beyond The Law 3:03
A4 I Got Nothin’ 3:25
A5 Johanna 3:05
A6 Night Theme 1:13
B1 Night Theme (Reprise) 1:05
B2 Consolation Prizes 3:16
B3 No Sense Of Crime 3:43
B4 Lucky Monkeys 3:38
B5 Master Charge 4:30

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