Country Joe And The Fish

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Includes blurb on front cover: “Contains Giant FULL-COLOR FISH GAME Complete With Instructions”.
Includes a large color “FISH GAME” insert
Has “STEREOLAB” on labels, not “STEREO”

Nearly identical to this other Stereolab pressing that does not have the Fish Game blurb on the front cover: [r12511642].
Also nearly identical to [r6036584] which doesn’t have the P in runouts.

First cat. # on cover, second on label.

A1 The Fish Cheer & I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag 3:39
A2 Who Am I 4:05
A3 Pat’s Song 5:22
A4 Rock Coast Blues 3:42
A5 Magoo 4:56
B1 Janis 2:34
B2 Thought Dream 6:11
B3 Thursday 3:45
B4 Eastern Jam 4:23
B5 Colors For Susan 5:57

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