Goodnight My Love


The Fleetwoods

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Tracklist information is taken directly from the labels.
Cover information:
Sleeve made of thick card.
Front of sleeve:
Top right hand corner, in colour, Dolton Records logo.
Album title, above the name of the artists, is the first song and only one in the correct order, i.e. track A1. The remainder of the song titles below are in a random order. Track A1 is shown as Goodnight My Love front and back.
Arranged And Conducted By Hank Levine
Catalogue # at bottom right hand corner.
Back of sleeve:
Top right hand corner, in black, Dolton Records logo.
Title shown as “Goodnight My Love”
Black and white photo of the artists on back, Gretchen Gary Barbara
Under the list of song titles are “Two Of Their Latest And Best!” followed underneath by black and white photos of the front covers of two more of the artist’s releases with appropriate catalogue numbers and track details.
Cover Design/Photography: Studio Five
‘This album is available in monaural BLP-2025 and stereo BST-8025.’
‘Printed in U.S.A.’

Label information:
Catalogue # BLP 2025
Arranged And Conducted By Hank Levine
A Division Of Liberty Records. Inc., Los Angeles 28, California

Publishing information:
Side 1, track 1 – Quintet Music Inc, & Noma Music Inc. BMI
Side 1, track 2 – January Music Corp. BMI
Side 1, track 3 – Summit Music Corp. ASCAP
Side 1, track 4 – Cedarwood Pub. Co. BMI
Side 1, track 5, side 2, track 5 – Cornerstone Pub. Co. BMI
Side 1, track 6 – AM Music BMI
Side 2, track 1 – Trinity Music BMI
Side 2, track 2 – Vanno Music ASCAP
Side 2, track 3 – Cameo – Parkway Pub. BMI
Side 2, track 4 – Rego Park Music Corp. BMI
Side 2, tracks 6, 7 – Prism Publ. Co. BMI

A1 Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) 2:21
A2 Jimmy San 2:43
A3 The End Of The World 2:30
A4 Sure Is Lonesome Downtown 2:27
A5 Magic Star 2:25
A6 I Just Can’t Live Without You 2:15
B1 Every Little Beat 2:15
B2 Sad Little Girl 2:07
B3 So Much In Love 1:55
B4 It’s Your Birthday 2:15
B5 Figurines 2:07
B6 Jimmy Beware 2:28
B7 Hurt Him 2:16

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