Glenn Miller Plays Selections From The Film “The G


Glenn Miller

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Cover Variation “Glenn Miller’s Original Recordings” on front jacket.

Made in U.S.A.
Track A1: Recorded April 4, 1939
Track A2: From Broadcast April 23, 1942
Track A3: Recorded April 28, 1940
Track A4: Recorded August 1, 1939
Track B1 & B2: Recorded February 5, 1940
Track B3: From Broadcast May 5, 1942
Track B4: From Broadcast June 2, 1940

©RCA Printed in U.S.A.

Part of the “RCA-Victor Popular Collector’s Series”.

The first two digits of the master number (matrix) E3 indicate this record is pressed from a 1953 master.

The silver label with red print indicates that this record consists of reissued older material.

Catalog number LPT-3057 is on the front of the album jacket.
Catalog number LPT 3057 is on the back of the album jacket and center labels.
A1 Moonlight Serenade
A2 American Patrol
A3 Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand
A4 In The Mood
B1 Tuxedo Junction
B2 St. Louis Blues
B3 String Of Pearls
B4 Little Brown Jug

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