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Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted to Hear by Rush… But You Were Afraid to Play is a rare promo LP recording by Canadian rock band Rush. All of the songs on the record had been previously released on other albums by the band up until that point. Copies of the record were given to radio stations in North America as it featured material fit for radio airplay. However no material from the band’s first album, Rush appears on the promo. This is also the first time edited versions of 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx) and The Fountain of Lamneth (Bacchus Plateau) were released on an album.

[url=/label/39357-Mercury]Mercury Records[/url] officially released an updated version of this album in 1982 as [url=/Rush-Rush-Through-Time/master/290832]Rush Through Time[/url], with new full-color cover art and Lakeside Park and Bacchus Plateau being replaced in the track listing with Cinderella Man and Closer To The Heart respectively.
A1 Fly By Night 3:20
A2 Making Memories 2:56
A3 Bastille Day 4:36
A4 Something For Nothing 3:56
A5 Lakeside Park 4:07
A6 Anthem 4:10
B1 Overture/Temples Of Syrinx 6:45
B2 The Twilight Zone 3:14
B3 Best I Can 3:24
B4 Bacchus Plateau 3:12
B5 In The End 6:51

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