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The Dave Clark Five

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Probable [l403953], IN pressing. The Terre Haute stamped “T” cannot be discerned in the runouts, but (1) characteristic Terre Haute “III” hash marks are etched next to the runout plate letter markings and (2) the printer’s mark “4” at the lower right of the back sleeve indicates sleeves printed by [l955033], Indianapolis, IN, who were the Terre Haute’s normal supplier for Epic jackets.

Promo copies from this pressing exist with regular labels [only], and a 2″ round gold foil sticker on the sleeve, marked “Columbia Special Products …Promotional Album”.
A1 Nineteen Days 1:55
A2 Something I’ve Always Wanted 2:00
A3 Little Bit Strong 1:21
A4 Bernedette 2:11
A5 Sitting Here Baby 2:40
B1 You Don’t Want My Loving 2:42
B2 How Can I Tell You 2:05
B3 Picture Of You 1:50
B4 Small Talk 2:15
B5 Pick Up Your Phone 2:01

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