Billy Joel

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Columbia Stereo printed on spine.

Inverted triangle is present on side A and C labels to the left of the spindle hole. There is no inverted triangle on sides B and D.

Direct Metal Mastering.

Some copies have a promo stamp on the back cover.

Runouts are etched.
A1 Odoya 1:17
A2 Angry Young Man 5:04
A3 Honesty 3:40
A4 Goodnight Saigon 6:39
B1 Stiletto 5:14
B2 Big Man On Mulberry Street 13:09
B3 Baby Grand 5:43
C1 An Innocent Man 6:02
C2 Allentown 3:49
C3 A Matter Of Trust 4:52
C4 Only The Good Die Young 3:34
D1 Sometimes A Fantasy 3:40
D2 Uptown Girl 2:58
D3 Big Shot 4:42
D4 Back In The U.S.S.R. 2:36
D5 The Times They Are A Changin’ 2:12

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