The Jetsons: The Complete Series


Jetsons: Complete Series

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After “”The Flintstones,”” Hanna-Barbera’s next animated look at family life took audiences into a 21st century of flying cars, food pills, and other futuristic wonders, as seen through the eyes of harried space sprockets worker George Jetson (voiced by George O’Hanlon); his boy Elroy (Daws Butler); daughter Judy (Janet Waldo); Jane (Penny Singleton), his wife; family dog, Astro (Don Messick); and Rosey (Jean Vander Pyl) the robot maid. Originally airing from 1962-63, the series returned in a slightly revamped version from 1985-87.75 episodes and the feature film “”The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones”” (1987) on 8 discs. 29 hrs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

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