Dance Factory Dance To Any Music CD

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Dance Factory Dance To Any Music CD is a Dance Dance Revolution style PlayStation 2 game which generates dance patterns based on the waveform of any audio CD. In practice, the game is inserted into a PlayStation 2 console, the game loads from the game data and the player is prompted to eject the game disc and insert any audio CD the player desires. The game itself is presented on a mixed mode CD-ROM that contains 5 audio tracks as well as a data track. When inserted into a standard CD player this functions as an audio CD. The 5 audio tracks are included with the game CD-ROM to help new players get started.

Patent application GB0508970.1 Pending
1 [Data]
2 Don’t Cha 3:06
3 Pon De Replay 3:34
4 I Like The Way 3:22
5 I Like It, I Love It 3:24
6 Get Down On It 6:08

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