The Six Wives Of Henry VIII


Rick Wakeman

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? 1973 A&M Records, Inc.
© 1973 A&M Records, Inc.

Originally released in 1973.

Custom built Hammond C-3 Organ, RMI Electric Piano & Harpsichord, 2 x Mini-Moog Synthesizer, Mellotron 400-D (Brass/Strings/Flutes), Mellotron 400-D (Vocals/Sound Effects/Vibes), Steinway 9’ Grand Piano, Frequency Counter, Custom Mixer.

In addition to the above instruments a Thomas Goff Harpsichord and ARP Synthesizer were used. All sounds put through two Stereo Leslies, Fender Duel Showman Amp & two JBL Cabinets. Also used a custom built Oscillator, Fuzz & Wahwah Pedal and Binson Echo Unit, Keyboards & Amplification. The organ on ‘Jane Seymour’ was recorded at St. Giles, Cripplegate.

‘Catherine Of Aragon’ was engineered and mixed at Trident Studios, London. ‘Anne Boylen’ was engineered at Morgan Studios, London, and mixed at Trident Studios. All the remaining tracks were engineered and mixed at Morgan Studios.

Recorded between February and October, 1972.

All songs published by Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

“This album is based around my interpretations of the musical characteristics of the wives of Henry VIII. Although the style may not always be in keeping with their individual history, it is my personal conception of their characters in relations to keyboard instruments. – Rick.”

The second catalog # CD 3229 only appears on the back cover cover spine, and on the booklet.
1 Catherine Of Aragon 3:44
2 Anne Of Cleves 7:53
3 Catherine Howard 6:35
4 Jane Seymour 4:46
5 Anne Boleyn ‘The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended’ 6:32
6 Catherine Parr 7:06

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