America – A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song


Johnny Cash

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Originally released in 1972.1 Opening Dialogue 0:232 Paul Revere 2:173 Begin West Movement 0:264 The Road To Kaintuck 1:215 To The Shining Mountains 0:486 The Battle Of New Orleans 2:217 Southwestward 0:378 Remember The Alamo 2:269 Opening The West 0:5610 Lorena 1:5011 The Gettysburg Address 2:3812 The West 0:5713 Big Foot 3:0214 Like A Young Colt 0:3815 Mister Garfield 3:5316 A Proud Land 0:2417 The Big Battle 3:0518 On Wheels And Wings 0:3019 Come Take A Trip In My Airship 1:0520 Reaching For The Stars 0:4221 These Are My People 2:38

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